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After Shave Balm - Unscented

SKU#: WC08141US

Our Price: $30.00
A light textured balm to be applied to the skin after a shave.
Contains sweet almond oil, Shea butter and ECOCERT perservative.
Provides soothing, healing and moisturizing properties.
Reduces razor burn and other shaving skin irriatations.

Comes in 4 Scents:

WILD BERGAMOT - Anti inflammatory, antiseptic and moisturizing.
Containing lavendar, lemon balm and wild bergamot essentail.  For all skin types.

- For oily and acneic skin. An antimicrobial that destroys bacterial on your skin leaving you with a refreshing menthol scent.

UNSCENTED - for all skin types (contains no essential oils). A soothing, moisturizing emulsion.

LIME - This all natural scent will leaved you wanting more. Acts as an astringent, a disinfectant and promotes blood coagulation when there is a small razor nicks.

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